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Friday, December 8, 2023

Are We Going to Stop This Madness? Non-Governmental Organisations With Tea Jarc Declare Total War Against Catholics!

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

“We are warning you that on election Sunday, we will tighten control over violations. We will have observers stationed in churches,” the trade unionist and anti-government protester Tea Jarc recently threatened priests. This time, the work of the infamous State Security Administration will be performed by young activists of the Voice of the People initiative (Glas ljudstva). Spying amongst Catholics in churches is also something that former Minister from the Social Democrats party, Igor Lukšič, told the students of the Faculty of Social Sciences to do, which caused quite a stir at the time.

While the Director of the Institute of the 8th of March (Inštitut 8. marec), Nika Kovač, wants to liquidate all the heartfelt efforts of the Janez Janša government for the small man with a single law, the trade unionist Tea Jarc recently threatened with party methods of control over priests who would accidentally dare to perform their pastoral work too faithfully on election Sunday… Tea Jarc did not issue a “warning” for other religions but only for Catholics, which is another example of Christian-phobia in our country.

Her announcement is reminiscent of the statement by Marcel Štefančič at a public tribune – “There are fucking more of us than them, there are only a couple of them, and we know exactly who they are…” Statements like this one are enough to make a man feel sick. And if we add the chants that we have been hearing on the streets of Ljubljana in the last couple of years, or even read spray-painted on walls of buildings, like “we should have gotten more of you,” “the foibas need to be filled up,” or “we slaughtered you in 1945, we will slaughter you again today,” then the whole thing becomes even worse.

The last battle of Kučan’s generation
Things like these are very reminiscent of the last few years of the Second World War and the State Security Administration. It seems that the last leader of the Communist Party of Slovenia, Milan Kučan, was being serious when he said that this election might be “the last great battle of his generation.” Let us just remind you that the aggressive left is also destroying the posters of spring parties throughout Slovenia and implementing the most aggressive campaign in the history of our country, which is still free for now – however, the announcements of the trade unionists predict where society will move to if the sober part of the nation does not go to the polls and stop the leftists. The elections are the only way to normalcy; otherwise, chaos will ensue.


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