Another Lying Syrian: Makes Up Story About Missing Daughter, Then Disappears from Asylum, Threatened with Deportation

(Photo: Facebook)

Remember the story of a desperate Syrian man, who was looking for his own daughter, lost somewhere in Croatia? The tearful story was a fictitious one – the migrant forced it to the public because he only needed it for his own benefit. He recently escaped from the asylum home in Zagreb.

The media recently reported about the 43-year-old Syrian citizen, who was allegedly looking for his five-year-old daughter Alssa. He said they were initially together but were later tragically separated by the Croatian police. The daughter is supposed to have stayed in Croatia, while he was deported to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The Croatian police even smashed his cell phone, according to his story. The story of a girl, alone, somewhere in Croatia, was dismissed by the Croatian police, who claim they never handled a case such as this. After numerous comparisons, it was found that the Syrian came to Croatia via Albania, Montenegro and BiH, but he was alone, there was no child with him. This was confirmed by the police of Montenegro.

Well, the lying migrant apparently realized that he was exposed and simply vanished from the asylum home in Zagreb on Wednesday night. He is now threatened with deportation, if the police find him, since he has violated laws, and thus he has no more right to asylum.