Woman left mortified after making hilarious error 30 seconds into huge job interview

(Photo by Pexels)

by A.P.

A woman says she has been left unable to sleep after making an embarrassing error with the CEO of a company at a job interview, and the story has left people in stitches after being shared on Reddit

A woman says she “wanted the earth to swallow me whole” after making a mortifying blunder just 30 seconds into a huge job interview.

Despite the on-going Covid situation, the interview in the Netherlands took place in person with the CEO of the company, and the woman said she was feeling “super nervous”, heightened by the fact she really wanted the job and saw it as an exciting opportunity.

She said she had tried to remain calm, but could “literally feel my heartbeat in my throat” by the time the man interviewing her started walking down the stairs to greet her.