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‘Weirdest fish’ man has ever caught has human-like teeth and a strong bite

by A.P.

Angler Paul Lore, 33, caught a fish with a freaky smile whilst on a trip in Florida, and discovered its powerful mouth was full of rows and rows of human-like teeth

This is the truly bizarre moment an angler caught a fish and discovered its mouth was full of human-like teeth.Paul Lore was fishing near Melbourne, Florida, USA, when he encountered the creature and its uncanny gnashers.

The 33-year-old said: “It has a zebra pattern of colouring and the body is more like a snapper-type fish – very compact but meaty.“The teeth can only be described as human-like teeth but upon further inspection you’ll notice they have rows of these teeth like a shark.

“Most of them have two to three rows with very strong bite power – not enough to take a finger but enough to make you never go near the teeth again.”He added: “It’s one of the weirdest fish I have encountered just based off the appearance.”



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