(VIDEO) This Man Found an Unusual Guest in His Headphones, Video Will Leave You Scared

(Photo: Facebook/PrintScreen)

What do you expect from a pair of headphones? Great quality sound? Long battery life? etc. But, how would you react if you find a large huntsman spider inside the padding, News18 reports.

As per a report published in The Daily Mail, Perth based Olly Hurst discovered a huge huntsman spider inside the padding of his noise cancellation headphones. As one would expect, he was shocked at the sight of it. He made a video about the incident in which the spider can be seen clearly.

In the clip that has been accessed by the news portal, he is heard saying, “I absolutely knew I could feel something tickling my ear. He doesn’t want to come out. He is happy in there.”

During the course of the video, he is seen inspecting his headset. He is shaking the headphone perhaps to try removing the spider. However, the spider does not budge and stays at the spot it was initially spotted. Eventually, he is seen laughing as he drops his pair of noise cancelling headphones on the street.

Video HERE.