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Monday, October 2, 2023

Teacher shares most ‘unfortunate’ name she’s ever heard and people are ‘so done’

by A.P.

Kayla replied to a fellow TikTok user’s video for people to share the most unusual name they’ve ever heard of – and people say they’re “so done with parents naming their kids like this”

A woman has revealed the most “unfortunate” name she’s come across in the 10 years that she’s been a teacher.TikTok user Kayla, known as @kboyce614, explained that as a substitute teacher in an area with a lot of different ethnicities “it’s a point of pride in me that I pronounce kids’ names correctly.”

But one name blew her away so much so that she had to call her sister to tell her about it.”It was spelled A–a,” she revealed in a video that has been viewed more than 12.8 million times.

While most of the time she admits she’s “pretty good” at pronouncing names correctly, she couldn’t have gotten this one more wrong.



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