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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Primary school pupil praised for hilarious homework answer after spotting glaring error

by A.P.

A young girl has left people impressed with her no-nonsense answer to a homework question containing an error after a photo of her work was shared on Reddit

A girl has been praised for her hilarious answer to a maths problem after spotting a glaring error in the question – and others found plenty more issues after the work was posted online.

The genius student, known only as Myrah, was tasked with using her maths knowledge to solve some practical examples, and asked to write an equation for each.

Myrah aces the test, providing the correct answer to questions including: ‘Bob has 8 trucks. Sam has 3 more trucks than Bob. How many trucks does Sam have?’

But it was her answer to question two that left people in stitches, which asked: ‘Jane has 12 crayons and Kim has 7 crayons. How many more crayons does Susan have than Kim?’ – by simply filling out the answer box by writing: “Who is Susan?”



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