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Police rescue 10 people from “baby factory”

By: V4 Agency

The “baby factory” parading as a private medical clinic housed several women who were impregnated, and then their babies were sold for profit.

Police in Nigeria have rescued four children and six women, including four pregnant women, from an illegal maternity home. The officers who raided the complex were acting on a tip-off, spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi told the AFP news agency.

These so-called “baby factories” are not uncommon in Nigeria. The factories usually work as private in-patient clinics where women are impregnated, and then their babies are sold for profit, Aljazeera says. There have been several cases where young women were abducted and raped to make money on selling their babies through one of these illegal clinics.

Mr Oyeyemi said two suspects, a physically-challenged man and the daughter of the owner of the clinic, were arrested. “The operator of the centre is on the run but we are intensifying efforts to arrest her and bring her to justice,” he added. It turns out that the operator had been previously arrested for the same offence. She stood trial for human trafficking after her arrest this year, but she was released on bail.

The rescued women told authorities that the owner hired men to impregnate them and then sell the newborns for profit.


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