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Nicole Kidman says marriage to Tom Cruise ‘protected’ her from sexual harassment

Nicole Kidman believes her marriage to Tom Cruise ‘protected’ her from being sexually harassed.

The actress married Tom in 1990 after meeting on the set of Days Of Thunder, and says his star power kept the predators away.

p:nth-of-type(2)”,”sizes”:[[8,8]],”hideOnSensitiveArticle”:true,”relativePos”:”after”,”additionalClass”:”in-article”,”name”:”div-gpt-ad-vip-slot”,”type”:”VIP”}” data-gpt-placeholder=”” data-response-start=”2792″ data-type=”gpt” data-requested=”6963″ data-google-query-id=”CJL6tcnEit4CFcsSGAodxdUBIg” data-timer-slot-rendered=”13112″ data-rendered-width=”8″ data-rendered-height=”8″ data-response-end=”18060″ data-viewable=”true”> “I got married very young, but it definitely wasn’t power for me – it was protection,” the 51-year-old wrote in an essay for New York magazine’s women and power series.

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