NASA spots mysterious near-perfect rectangle iceberg in Antarctic

The near-perfect rectangle was spotted near the Larden C ice shelf. (photo: @NASA_ICE)

A bizarre iceberg has been spotted by NASA scientists – in the shape of a near-perfect rectangle, reports Sky News. 


The oddly satisfying phenomenon was discovered near the Larden C ice shelf in the Antarctic Peninsula.

From yesterday’s #IceBridge flight: A tabular iceberg can be seen on the right, floating among sea ice just off of the Larsen C ice shelf. The iceberg’s sharp angles and flat surface indicate that it probably recently calved from the ice shelf.
— NASA ICE (@NASA_ICE) October 17, 2018

A photo shows a thick block of ice up to a mile long dramatically protruding from a sea of thin frozen water, thought to have recently splintered off.

Scientists took the snap from a plane used to monitor changing land and sea ice in the South Pole.

From yesterday’s #IceBridge flight: Heavily crevassed land ice in the northern Antarctic Peninsula.
— NASA ICE (@NASA_ICE) October 17, 2018

Many have remarked about its peculiar shape, with some suggesting