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Man with Harry Potter name says people always think he’s lying when he introduces himself

by A.P.

A man has gone viral on TikTok after admitting that people call him a liar whenever he introduces himself as his name sounds like something straight out of a popular book series

When it comes to names, a number of parents like to take inspiration from their favourite books and films.One man’s name certainly sounds like it was based on the magical book series by J.K. Rowling that has captivated so many.

However, he claims his name was purely accidental – as he was born three years before Harry Potter even came to exist.In a video which has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, a TikTok user revealed that his name is Griffin Dohr.

Yes, pronounced exactly like the Hogwarts House, Gryffindor.He explains in the clip that he is called a liar every single day as people don’t believe his name is real when he introduces himself.



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