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Monday, September 25, 2023

Women confess ‘dumbest’ things men have ever said to them about sex and periods

Women on Twitter have had a good laugh over some of the most unusual things men have ever said to them about their bodies.

We all know that there are some big differences between men and women, such as menstruation and the reproductive system – but how much do we really know about those differences?

It seems some men know very little about these things as was proven recently in a hilarious/enlightening thread on Twitter. 

A user named @brownandbella posted a tweet asking people to send her the ‘dumbest’ thing a man had ever said to them about periods, sex and their reproductive health.

She wrote: “Women, what is the dumbest thing a man ever said to you about sex, reproductive health, menstruation, etc? Reply with a comment below, no quote RTs.

“Let’s laugh at these dummies together!”





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