Woman wants to pay someone £2,000 to make all her decisions for an entire month

(Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels)

A woman is on the hunt for someone to take ‘control’ of her life and help her make all her decisions for a month.

When it comes to making a decision, some people find it really easy to pick one thing out of several options.

For others it can be more of a challenge as they struggle with what the outcome of their choice may be.

p:nth-of-type(2)”,”sizes”:[[8,8]],”hideOnSensitiveArticle”:true,”relativePos”:”after”,”additionalClass”:”in-article”,”name”:”div-gpt-ad-vip-slot”,”type”:”VIP”}” data-gpt-placeholder=”” data-response-start=”4314.599999997881″ data-type=”gpt” data-requested=”5422.599999998056″ data-google-query-id=”CMaO_YPMpuACFYY44AodJ0wI_Q” data-timer-slot-rendered=”9114.499999996042″ data-rendered-width=”8″ data-rendered-height=”8″ data-response-end=”10701.900000000023″ data-viewable=”true”>One woman has found making decisions so difficult she’s currently on the look out for someone to take “control” of her life and make all her decisions for an entire month, just like in Black Mirror Bandersnatch.

And she’s willing to pay this person a pretty decent amount of money to do it.