Woman orders toast in a café – but can’t believe her eyes when she sees her receipt


A woman received an unwelcome surprise at a café during a recent visit after being handed the docket for her order

One woman recently stopped by a café in Sydney’s Surry Hills to grab breakfast and left feeling rather bemused by her visit.

Katherine Chen claims she ordered a simple round of raisin toast to take-away, but when she went to pay for her food, she noticed something rather unusual about the receipt.

Instead of being handed a receipt, Katherine says she was was actually given the docket for her order, which was used to advise staff on whose food it was they were making.

It was a document she was never meant to see – and for good reason.

The 36-year-old was surprised to find that at the top of the piece of paper, a member of staff had written the word ‘ASIAN’ in bold capital letters above her order of toast.