Simple way to get 35 days off work next year – using just 15 days annual leave

(Photo by Instagram)

Turns out there’s a simple way you can bag yourself some extra time off in 2020, without going over your annual leave entitlement.

If 2019 has left you feeling drained from all the political drama and like you need to get away for a bumper holiday, then we might have the perfect solution for you.

That’s because it turns out there’s an easy way for you to add 10 days on to your annual leave entitlement. 

In the UK we are given an average of 25 days off work each year (not including weekends and bank holidays) – but in 2020, you could enjoy 35 days off, without going over your original annual leave.

According to The Evening standard, all you have to do is be very selective about the days you choose to book off – here’s a look at which ones you should go for.