Police advise people to not leave home without ’emergency bag’ – and get called ‘crass’

(Photo by Instagram)

Police forces across the UK have been ridiculed and accused of scaremongering.

There are a few basics we all leave the house with. Keys, wallet, phone and, if you have a handbag (or man bag) then you’re able to equip yourself further for the day. 

But according to numerous police forces across the UK, we could be a lot better prepared.

p:nth-of-type(2)”,”sizes”:[[8,8]],”hideOnSensitiveArticle”:true,”relativePos”:”after”,”additionalClass”:”in-article”,”name”:”div-gpt-ad-vip-slot”,”type”:”VIP”}” data-response-start=”2675.9200000669807″ data-type=”gpt” data-requested=”2926.8600000068545″ data-google-query-id=”COLm-4epyOQCFQOR3godEI4P5Q” data-timer-slot-rendered=”6375.245000002906″ data-rendered-width=”8″ data-rendered-height=”8″ data-response-end=”9864.640000043437″> The “grab bag” phenomenon was originally championed by authorities in the US, which has been battered by storms and floods in parts.

Having been picked up on over here, however, it’s been met with concern.