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Sunday, November 27, 2022

Mum’s hack keeps wasps away from your drink in the summer – and it’s free

Sunny days means we can finally enjoy BBQs in our gardens again – and one mum has shared a helpful hack to prevent wasps and flies from buzzing around your drinks.

With temperatures soaring and summer right around the corner, we can all look forward to a bit more time in the garden.

The longer days give us the chance to enjoy evening BBQs and cool drinks as we spend our time relaxing with our feet up in the sunshine rather than being stuck indoors. 

But there’s nothing that ruins the relaxed vibe more than having to swat away wasps and flies attracted by the smells of your delicious food and drink.

Instead of swinging tea towels to try and warn off the pests, one mum has come up with a simple but genius solution to keep them at bay.




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