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Mum orders sexy Christmas outfit online – but what turns up is hilarious

Lisa Williamson paid £6.98 for the Sexy Santa outfit, which has faux fur trim and a hood, on eBay and couldn’t wait for it to arrive

In the lead up to Christmas mum-of-two Lisa Williamson was on the lookout for a sexy festive outfit to wear to pole dancing class.

So when she spotted a red jumpsuit with faux fur trim and a hood on eBay for just £6.98 she was over the moon and ordered it straight away.

But when the delivery finally arrived and she took it out the box, she quickly noticed something wasn’t quite right.

Despite the advert claiming it was good quality, she says what arrived was “cheap and frumpy”.

There was also an issue with sizing, and the ‘one size fits all’ description wasn’t quite right.

Hoping it might look better on, she decided to try it on anyway – and the results were just hilarious.




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