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Sunday, December 10, 2023

The colour you should always wear to job interviews and important work meetings

New research has suggested that the colours we wear can have a big influence on the outcome of certain events – including job interviews.

Ever wondered what your outfit really says about you? Well the style of the clothes might make you seem fashionable, but it turns out it’s the colour that has the biggest impact.

A nationwide study has revealed that the colours we choose to wear in certain situations can have a big influence over the outcome. 

As well as revealing which colour can help you have the most fun on a night out, the research, by vaping brand blu, also suggests which shades to go for at the gym and which can help you feel more successful at work.

Of the 1,500 Brits studied, 43 percent said that the colour black was a “winner” when it came to nailing a job interview and it was also seen as the best choice for big presentations and important business meetings.




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