ASOS mocked for selling studded Crocs that customers describe as ‘2020 in a shoe’

(Photo by Printscreen/Mirror)

Fashion retailer ASOS has been called out by fans for the “punk” style Crocs it sells with silver spikes, studs and a chain, with some people genuinely questioning whether they’re actually for sale

Shoppers have mocked ASOS for selling a pair of studded Crocs with some labelling it “2020 in a shoe”.

The black shoes, which is exclusive to the online retailer at £64.99, is described as the “Bae punk clog in black”.

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Although the footwear features the usual Croc design with its comfy beaded insoles, a hole-covered exterior and chunky soles, its punk makeover is certainly eye-catching.

Depsite the fact that the Crocs appear to be selling well – they’re sold out in four sizes – many people have ridiculed the site for selling the unique shoe, including Instagram account @asbos_sos  page, which often pokes fun at the online store’s garments, reports Daily Star.