Robbie Williams reveals unconventional way of kicking ‘terrifying’ nicotine addiction


X Factor judge Robbie Williams has spoken about his nicotine addiction and how he has tackled the habit.

Robbie Williams has revealed that he has gone to extraordinary lengths to cure a smoking habit that has left him ‘terrified’ of piling on the pounds.

During an Instagram video, the 44-year-old former Take That singer spoke about how coming off his huge cigarette use was leading him to ‘collapse and have panic attacks’.

While it is often the norm for a millionaire celebrity to throw money at the situation and possibly check into a retreat that can help them kick the habit, Robbie has found a way which is affordable for everyone.

The Sun has reported that the X Factor judge has shunned expensive clinics or trendy herbal treatments for a pastime that has been inspired by his children.