Queen GRINS as Trump breaks protocol in front of ‘rebels’ William and Charles

(photo by Instagram)

EXCLUSIVE: Body language expert Judi James reveals what was REALLY going on at tonight’s state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Family sat side-by-side with the Trumps at a luxurious state banquet at Buckingham Palace tonight.

But while on the surface the Trumps and the Windsors were the image of protocol and politeness, a closer look at their body language tells a very different tale. 

From a ‘bored’, fidgeting Prince Charles being left hanging during the toasts to his equally distracted son Prince William – and THAT back pat from Trump to the Queen – here’s what body language expert Judi James says was really going on…

“Donald Trump mustered the best of his dignified body language, walking with an almost military bearing in the style of the late, great John Wayne.