Kate Hudson explains ‘nonsensical genderless parenting comment’ after backlash


She claims that thoughts of her raising her daughter ‘genderless’ were ‘silly and nonsensical’

Actress Kate Hudson has spoken out about a ‘nonsencsical’ comment that suggested that she will be taking a genderless approach to raising her baby girl.

The 39-year-old Hollywood star thought she had better clarify a comment she made after there was a backlash against her parenting ideal, following an interview with AOL, and Kate has now set the record straight in a lengthy Instagram post.

p:nth-of-type(2)”,”sizes”:[[8,8]],”hideOnSensitiveArticle”:true,”relativePos”:”after”,”additionalClass”:”in-article”,”name”:”div-gpt-ad-vip-slot”,”type”:”VIP”}” data-response-start=”2672.59999999078″ data-type=”gpt” data-requested=”3479.0999999968335″ data-google-query-id=”CK_OlviakuACFUEO4Aod2GgAjA” data-timer-slot-rendered=”5594.29999999702″ data-rendered-width=”8″ data-rendered-height=”8″ data-response-end=”8059.399999998277″ data-viewable=”true”>Sharing with her 9.8 million followers, Kate took aim at those that she thought used “click bait tactic” and rubbished accusations about her style of parenting.