Jennifer Aniston ‘will love Brad Pitt for the rest of her life’ despite rejection

(Photo by Instagram)

Jennifer Aniston spoke about her marriage to Brad Pitt shortly after their divorce in 2005 and why she thought it went wrong.

Jennifer Aniston revealed that despite being rejected by Brad Pitt, she will ‘love him for the rest of her life’.

The 50-year-old former Friends actress opened up about her marriage to Hollywood hunk Brad, in an interview with Vanity Fair shortly after her divorce from him was confirmed in 2005. 

Jennifer admitted that she “couldn’t force a relationship” with Brad, despite being married to him and it all boiled down to not having the connection that they first thought there was.

She spoke about the ‘ebbs and flows’ of marriage and how, ultimately, they “believed in different things,” which led them to calling it quits.