‘Elvis is ALIVE’ Frenzy as name on singer’s grave revealed as ‘WRONG’ on 84th birthday


ELVIS Presley is alive and hiding out on a secret island somewhere, fans have outrageously claimed after spotting a bizarre mistake on his gravestone.

The “Hound Dog” singer would have turned 84 today, had he not passed away on August 16, 1977, at just 42 years old.

 Elvis died at his home after suffering a cardiac arrest, said to have been brought on following his years of prescription drug abuse.

However, some refuse to accept this as the truth, with rumours circulating he left a sign on his tombstone to prove he is still alive.

The headstone to the star’s grave in Memphis, Tennessee, US, reads as follows: “Elvis Aaron Presley. 

“He was a precious gift from God we cherished and loved dearly.”