Donald Trump & Election 2020: Psychic says ‘like it or not he’s got a second term’

(Photo: STA)

Donald Trump will secure another four years in office on the November 3 US Election 2020, a leading British psychic has astonishingly claimed, Express reports.

As the presidential hopefuls enter the last stretch of the race to the White House, Donald Trump appears to be trailing behind Democrat rival Joe Biden. After second election debate, the Democrat came out on top with pollsters almost unanimously giving him the upper hand over the incumbent President. Conservative pundits, however, remain undeterred and have backed the Republican President.
“He was measured, precise and convincing. Biden was typical politician.”

And Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce said: “All night, @realDonaldTrump has been sharp, clear, in charge of the issue.

“This is a man who ran to be POTUS because he cares about our future and delivered. The swamp cares only about itself.

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