Britney Spears not only blazed a trail, she might just make us better humans

(Photo by Wikimedia)


When the world thinks “troubled” Britney Spears, the paparazzi captured images of her with a shaved head, attacking a photographer’s vehicle with an umbrella in 2007 probably come to mind.

But there was another moment, again captured by a crush of photographers, that is, perhaps, more troubling.

The time was May 2006 and Spears has been descended upon by photographers outside of a Manhattan hotel as she struggled to juggle a cup in one hand with her then 8-month-old son Sean Preston in her arms.

She stumbled in the process and a later photo, taken through a window, shows her in tears as she holds her son, seemingly trying to shield the world from seeing her visibly upset.

It was a moment many headlines overlooked to instead focus on the fact that Spears almost dropped her infant child while trying to avoid aggressive photographers.

That image of a distraught young mother tugs deeper in the wake of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which debuted in February and shed light on some of the struggles Spears faced as the result of such intense — and often dangerous and sexist — media scrutiny.

In the years that have passed, Spears faced other struggles and has gone on to new professional and personal success — all under a blindingly bright spotlight. In the process, she’s paved a path for young women in entertainment who came after her, and shown the public we can do better.

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