Amateur cook makes mashed potato using crisps and people are horrified by the result

(Photo by TikTok)

by A.P.

TikTok user @Elis_Kitchen has gained more than 800,000 views with a video showing how to make mashed potato using crisps – and a Michelin-starred chef has branded it “ludicrous”

Viewers have threatened to call the police on a man who shared a video demonstrating his homemade recipe to cook mashed potato using crisps and cheese.At first the concept sounds like it might just work, but the final result has left people horrified as one person said they “showed this to my dog and he threw up”.

TikTok user @Elis_Kitchen has racked up millions of views with his alternative cooking techniques, which includes cooking up chocolate soup and mixing butter-based cocktails.

But his latest creation has even caught the attention of a Michelin-starred chef, with a video captioned: ‘Signature cheesy mashed potatoes.’