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Thankful to God for what happened

By: Jože Biščak

A lot of good has happened in the past few days.

DeSUS MPs rejected Karl Erjavec that they will not play as pawns in his chess match of his ambition and overthrowing the government, which would be very irresponsible at the time of the epidemic. Similarly, is happening in the SMC, so that the intention of the phantom coalition of left-wing opposition leaders led by Jože P. Damijan is becoming increasingly unfeasible, and as it now appears, there will only be a clash in the 2022 elections.

Nova24TV employee Aleš Ernecl revealed how warnings actually come about before the allegedly authoritative Janez Janša. In one of the factories of progressive evil they compose a letter, translate it, find a suitable platform, then a letter with signatures of “concerned confessors” is “returned” to Slovenia through one of the dominant media, finally the media mainstream raises hell how the functioning of the “fascist” government resonates abroad. A letter from 150 “academics” and “professors” expressing their outrage at the planned placement of the Museum of Independence is one of them. Transparent.

The Prime Minister’s letter to EU leaders to resolve the “dispute” with Hungary and Poland by compromise was attacked by the left-wing opposition, claiming that it was leading to Slovenia’s isolation in the EU and the world. It turned out that Janez Janša was the one who helped the most at releasing European (and Slovenian) finances. And for that everyone is grateful, even though the mainstream media has minimised the role of the Prime Minister. But that’s okay. It is important that today Slovenia is at the very center of international events, and Janša is one of the key interlocutors in the EU.

But in the last days of this year, a lot of evil and bad has also happened.

The stampede of media mainstream against Demokracija magazine was violent, the editorial board found itself on the front pages and in striking terms. Nothing was so important it deserved so much attention, the 49th issue of the magazine was no different from others. But as they know most vilely, they took scissors and cut out what suits them best from Aleksandar Škorc’s satirical record (you can read it every week on page 6) and accused us of racism. None of them sought the first four sequels of the gloss to be able to assess it as a whole, only a few wrote between the lines that it was a humorous, teasing, and silly media genre. The media storm will pass, injustice will also numb down, apologies, no, neither Škorc, Demokracija nor I as the editor-in-chief will probably experience that in Slovenia.

At the peak of the pursuit, I remembered last year’s faith of the English philosopher Sir Roger Scruton. He was a torn in the side of political correctness, and he was set a treacherous trap. The spring interview in New Statesman magazine was correctly published, but the summaries and interpretations of the interview that were published online were literally fabricated, torn out of context, and manipulated. The greatest conservative thinker (at least for me) from the beginning of the millennium literally collapsed, overnight he became a white supremacist, and his views racist, Islamophobic, anti-semantic and homophobic. But no on read the interview in its entirety.

After three months, the magazine published the full transcription of the interview and apologised to Scruton. They admitted that some of the quotes were even fabricated and mostly pulled out of the context. In the fall, Scruton (I was connected with him by my good friend and our columnist Keith Miles) wrote a text for Democracy, and we also arranged an interview via email. Unfortunately, due to his progressing illness, this did not happen. He had already taken the first step up God’s staircase and at the end of the year wrote: “They took a lot from me this year (…), but a lot more was returned. (…) When I fell to the bottom in my country, I was elevated to the top elsewhere, and looking at the sequence of events, I can only be glad I lived long enough to see it. As you approach death, you begin to realise what life means and what gratitude means.” As with Scruton, there were also good people in Slovenia who supported us. And all thanks go to them on behalf of the editorial office. But time and time again, I am amazed at the mass hysteria that is being fuelled by left-wing activists.

A lot of evil and bad has happened in the past few days, but also a lot of good. So I look with humility towards the sky and I am thankful to God for what happened.

Jože Biščak is editor-in-chief at Demokracija magazine.


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