Suicide pills

(Photo: Demokracija archive)

by Jože Biščak

Project 1619 was launched last year on the New York Times’ website. The initiator of the idea, journalist Nikola Hannah-Jones, wrote in the introductory essay – for which she won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary – that racism and white domination are embedded in the US system and memory, thus the country must be dismantled and slavery, on which the most powerful country in the world grew, must be placed at the center of national awareness. According to her, history should also be revised. She argued that the day of the founding of the United States should no longer be July 4, 1776 (when the Declaration of Independence was signed), but August, when the first ship with slaves arrived on the American coast in 1619. Hence the name of the project.

Many historians reacted to this idea saying that the “reputable” NY Times cannot afford such falsifications of history. The editors withdrew the controversial interpretation of history from the Internet, and the journalist claims today that she had never suggested it. Which is a lie revealed by journalist Becket Adams (Washington Examiner) who then found himself in the middle of the controversy. Hannah-Jones became so nervous that she even accused Adams of jealousy of her “good ideas.”

Leftist “good ideas” have always and everywhere ended badly: in the 20th century alone, 100 million innocent people died because of these “good ideas”. You know how it goes: the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The Slovenian heirs of the communist murderers are far from immune, they even go a step further; they are masters in changing history. Acting as if most Slovenes had a memory of a goldfish, they try to tell the public that we did not become a state in 1991, but as early as in 1945 (a kind of Project 1945).

This is the only way to interpret the inscription with which the national television equipped the show portraying the fateful moments 30 years ago, when the decision for a plebiscite was made in Poljče and which was produced by the Association for the Values of Slovenian Independence (VSO). They wrote that the show does not express the opinion of Television Slovenia. Does this mean that they are distancing themselves from independence? It would not be a surprise if they are already careful at RTV Slovenia when talking about Sloveneness, the Slovene nation and its traditions. Certainly, the intervention of the television people is not just arrogance, but a scandal par excellence, due to which editors should resign. But, believe me, they will be rewarded for doing this shameful thing.

But it is not just about this. The education system that is attempting to convince children about the salvation of multiculturalism is even more destructive. The latest fashion trend in the West is teaching that the histories of the Western countries are horrific and that they are based on racism, Christianity, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. The goal is to undermine patriotism through the education system and other subsystems and create a society of a kind of artistic performance where there will be no borders and everyone will be the same.

For young people who do not have clearly defined personalities yet, the idea is appealing, the rule of the street quickly entices them, at first, every kiss of the devil is sweet; but this results in rage, hooliganism and deliberate rioting, which we observed in the capital not only last Thursday, but which we have been observing for months since the start of the center-right government. Brainwashed “protesters” are no longer able to make logical inferences, they are encouraged by months of incitement by the mainstream media, and the left-wing opposition is just an introduction to something more sinister. A similar story across Europe can be observed. Today militant leftist groups are raging through the streets of Europe joined by migrants who are killing indigenous people. Exclusively because people like Tanja Fajon were given space on the front pages and prime time for statements that the real response to violence and Islamic terrorism is “solidarity and lighting candles”.

This kind of liberal and empathetic ideology is nothing more than a suicide pill. Such masochistic response by multicultural Soros alchemists points not only to psychological disorder and pathological suffering from a version of the Stockholm Syndrome, but to the insidious and deliberate undermining of Western culture based on traditional values.

Jože Biščak, editor-in-chief of Democracija magazine and president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists