World champions in wasting opportunities

Bogdan Sajovic

Last week, on Twitter, Janez Janša expressed his support for President Trump in the November elections. What’s worse, all of Slovenia’s fifty shades of red and the globalist milieu went crazy, saying that Janša was interfering in the American elections. Because this is inadmissible or something.

For a start, Janša did not interfere in the US elections, but only expressed support for the candidate with whom he has similar political views. And secondly, what if he expressed support for him? The Left has also expressed its support for the failed Bernie Sanders, but no one is saying that this is unacceptable interference. Slovenian leftists just years ago overtook who would express more support for the leftist Tsipras in the Greek elections. All the left and globalist milieu supported Zaev in Macedonia and Trzaskowski in Poland, Orban’s opponents in Hungary, and so on. During our elections, the President of the European Parliament, the leftist Schultz, expressed his support for the SD, or the Russian ambassador exprassed his support to Karel Erjavec, and at that time the principled leftists did not complain. Otherwise, it’s comical how leftists act these days, as if they care about good relations with the US. Whenever they are in power, their ministers fly to Russia, to China, and to the fraternal non-aligned, and the U.S. is avoided like the devil avoids the cross, that man feels as if we are still part of the Comintern. Well, in the minds of the lieftists we still are, and that is why they curled up like that when Janša supported Trump. Horror, Janša is building relations with the USA. Well, the U.S. is our main military ally, whether the Communards like it or not. People confirmed this with a constitutional majority in a referendum and therefore it is necessary to build relations with them. And by the way, the first lady who has been our mountain leaf has been living in the White House for four years. Any country that would have such an opportunity would take advantage of it to the amen. Not only did we completely ignore this opportunity, but we also made fun of Melania and President Trump and insulted them. Slovenians are a really special variety, world champions in wasting extraordinary opportunities…