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Whoever looks only ahead will be overtaken by the past

By: Franci Kindlhofer

The next parliamentary elections are inevitably approaching. For many established parties, this will be a routine, but that does not mean that it will not be necessary to make an effort for the favour of the electorate. It is the successful government coalition that must consider that, due to the pandemic, the country is in a political situation that can be called critical, even in crisis. In such an atmosphere, there is always room for politicians and those who think they are politicians, who see their interests covered by running short distances. Often, the only goal is to reach the trough in the National Assembly and then turn in the wind, no matter what they promised voters before the election.

It is not uncommon for new parties to grow with familiar faces from politics and economics like weeds. Some founders are so inspired by the belief in success that they even give the customer their name as a seal of quality. However, experience has shown that such parties do not go far. However, most of these new parties have something in common, namely the problem of what to offer voters so that they will perceive this offer as something original, something that established parties do not yet have. It is very noticeable that all the new parties are trying to give the impression that they are modern, democratic with a view to a successful future. Some explicitly point out that they do not intend to deal with the past, probably historically. I have already posted on social media my opinion that those who do not have much to show in the present talk the most about the future. Here, the existing left is in the forefront, trying to restore the past, tearing down the present and staring into the empty future. The fact that the newly formed parties are declaratively committed to openness, cooperation and the search for common interests is certainly welcomed. However, it must be clear to all those who think honestly and seriously that, based on our political and historical reality, this cannot be achieved with every political partner. Therefore, a clear view of the past will not be superfluous. We have an indefatigable group of the so-called left under the label KUL, whose supporters still call themselves the proud successors of the ZKS, and the most influential party of this group, the SD, is based on the remnants of the ZKS. To be able to imagine the danger of this party and to better understand their actions, we must look to pre-war Yugoslavia. The purpose of the KPS is best described in 1941 by the secretary of the executive committee of the OF and the secretary of the Slovene Communist Party Edvard Kardelj – Krištof:

“The fundamental force that enabled and developed the fighting unity of the Slovene people was and is with its avant-garde character, tested and hardened cadre and strong illegal apparatus – the Communist Party of Slovenia… This force was already deeply illegal for Yugoslavia, operating in irreconcilable opposition and fierce struggle with all ruling circles… This statement is a treat for every Slovenian democrat, as this is exactly what KUL is doing in Slovenia today. It is still considered that you know a tree best by its fruit.

Therefore, all new parties must come to terms with the fact that we, the democratic electorate, will closely monitor their actions and, of course, pay close attention to who they are willing to work with. It is true that our party landscape is still very limited, but a larger number of parties does not mean a better offer in the political field. It will probably take some time, possibly several more election periods, to cover the political offer from left to right with various acceptable political programmes that share only one ideology, namely democracy and the welfare of the state. However, they will all have the same attitude towards the history, which brought great misfortune over the nation with communism. The leaders of all parties must once again be aware that crime cannot be an example of political work. To achieve this, however, will require a lot of patient and smart work. We will have to pay special attention to the education of young people so that they do not continue to be deceived by lies and misjudgements of the socialist past. This, of course, does not mean giving up social society. But we must know that those who want a welfare state modelled on communism and power modelled on other dictatorships cannot and must not get power into their own hands. However, to make this happen, we need a strong democratic will from the electorate. We must convince them before the elections that all efforts must be focused on the regulation of a stable present, because only in this way will we be able to build a promising future.

Franci Kindlhofer is a publicist, vice-president of the Association of Political Prisoners and Other Victims of Communist Violence.


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