Trump’s victory

Ivan Šokić

With each passing day we are closer to November 3rd, the day when we will be able to say that the American people have reaffirmed their confidence in US President Donald Trump and give him a second presidential term.


It was in 2015 when at the time, only a construction mogul and entertainer Donald Trump descended the golden escalators of his building and announced that he would run for the President of the United States. Even more, he announced he would become the President of the United States. Unlike other Republican candidates, Trump has emerged as an incorrigible nationalist who is not ashamed of his beliefs. Truth be told, Trump is, you could say, a “paper nationalist” – convinced that nationality and citizenship are the same. Misguided, but definitely better than the alternative. Baby steps.

The mere fact that Trump put America first in his first presidential campaign had scared many – who were not interested in such a goal – to death. Then Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, became American president, and everything else is history.

We are at a point where we can look back and take a closer look at what this history is. Trump did not become president to be loved, but to make the U.S. “great” again. Because of this, in his 4 years, he made more enemies than friends. But that is what the United States needs. Trump is what every country in the world needs. Their own Trump. Moreover, despite all the lies, hysteria, conspiracies and meanness by the mainstream media and so-called establishment, it is impossible to say Trump is not fulfilling his presidential promises.

We have all experienced how a certain politician promised something that he never realized. We take the fact, that politicians are incapable, unwilling, or unable to keep their promises, for granted. As a result, we do not vote on the basis of their empty promises, but on the basis of the character traits of each candidate. Well this does not apply to Trump.

I dare to say, Trump recieved so many votes because of his radical departure from the established political elite. Rude, militant, stubborn, arrogant, and more – his mere presence angered all, with whom an ordinary pleb had reason to be upset with.

I have already talked about the speech that Michael Moore gave when he traveled across America in 2016, multiple times. He warned liberals to take matters into their own hands because otherwise Trump would win. Moore was right. Not just in terms of Trump’s victory, but also in the very characterization of the average Trump voter. It was not so much a voice for Trump as a voice for “f**k you” to the entire establishment that pushed average citizens aside, forgot, and behaved as if they never existed.

This time it is different. After four years of presidency, despite all the spanners thrown in the works by Republicans and Democrats, not to mention by the various media, members of intelligence services, courts, and federal agencies, Trump has proven to Americans that he is serious. That his presidential candidacy was not merely a self-promotion, that he loves the American people as they are, and is willing to sacrifice a lot for them himself.

He promised to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico – the fence is getting longer every day. He promised to appoint conservatives to the Supreme Court, and during Trump’s first presidential term – three conservitves were appointed to the Supreme Court, the most recent one Amy Coney Barrett. He promised to abolish Obamacare, a programme that caused people to pay thousands of dollars in heavy fines if they refused to pay for health insurance that did not cover anything. Trump has abolished fines for not having health insurance. In doing so, he cut the number of regulations, reformed public administration, protected the right to life for children who survived abortion, saved the US economy, cut taxes for the middle class, reached several important peace agreements, and ensured relatively stable relations between Koreas without starting any wars.

The anti-Trump propaganda machine can continue to villainize him, most voters have realised what is happening and are not falling for its games. If the first vote for Trump was a “f**k you to the establishment”, this time it is without a doubt a vote for Trump. Americans have experienced firsthand what Trump’s fulfilled promises mean. When we add to this the terrorizing of Antifa and BLM, the result is clear. Trump will win.