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Saturday, December 9, 2023

They will completely destroy our country!

By Vida Kocjan

Golob’s government takes many measures that serve the new “social climbers” in power and the non-governmental people connected to it, while consciously forgetting about ordinary people.

Increases on increases, taxes, measures against the costliness, which are not actually measures, above-average inflation, new borrowing by the state, 400 million euros or 10 million euros for each day of governing, throwing money with a shovel at the non-governmental people from Metelkova street 6, the intention of a general high salary increase for everyone in the public sector, the demolition of the fence along the southern border and the announcement of the acceptance of all those from third countries who want social welfare in Slovenia, the announcement of changes to the asylum legislation, endangering national security, not to mention changes in the direction of family policy. These are just a few of the “big” successes of the work of the current government under the leadership of Robert Golob.

Changes are already taking place in the programmes for drawing European funds in the future financial perspective. One of the last great follies of Golob’s government, whose goal is apparently only the privatisation of energy, is allocating money to non-governmental organisations. They want to transfer as much as half a million euros to them in one fell swoop from the available funds of the European Financial Mechanism and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism, funds that are intended for the development of the country and not for the consumption of non-governmental organisations. A request for this has already been sent to Brussels, but it is illegal, morally rejected, and fraudulent financing of supporters of left-wing parties, as described by Janez Janša.

Not only that, Golob’s sent a clear message to the public: “Civil society and non-governmental organisations are our partners.” With this, they finally admitted what they had been hiding all along – that they do not participate with non-governmental people such as Nika Kovač, Jaša Jenull, Tea Jarc etc. That they have nothing to do with them. In fact, they paved the way for them to rule. They acted in the manner of a political party, pretending to be something else, supposedly the “voice of the people”, so their pre-election activities and funding (also from abroad) were hidden from the public eye and bypassed the law.

They dismantled the system; they will also dismantle the country. As long as it lasts. Or: the end justifies the means. And Golob’s goal is clear, and so are the goals of others.


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