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Bernard Brščič: The Two Years of Donald Trump

On November 8, 2018, it will be two years since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The analysts and most media were convinced, up until the early morning hours of November 9, that he could not succeed and that the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was destined to win. Trump was regarded as a political ignoramus, a clown, representing the postmodern deviation from the American democracy. True, his personality hardly impresses. The overabundance of self-love, the bouts of authoritarianism, and the poor proficiency are hardly good incentives to occupy the most important political position in the world. However, the critics have ignored the key issue, his political instinct and his ability to maintain his contact with reality.

Trump started the presidential race as an entrepreneur, he was skilled in perceiving the problems that plague the Americans. In recent decades, the US has become a multicultural hell with the invasion of illegal third-world migrants. The thermostat of the American melting pot broke and the former hegemonic Anglo-Saxon culture began to melt. The spread of the LGBT movement secured an even worse blow, announcing the spread of cultural Marxism that has poisoned both the academic and the political community in Washington. During the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama and some controversial judgments of the Supreme Court, the United States have changed. Moral regression was accompanied by a relative economic downturn. It was not so much the global financial crisis, but the globalization itself that affected the US economy. The relocation of production to China, Mexico and other third world countries has led to a great loss of jobs and an acute form of de-industrialization. An additional financial burden has been caused by military intervention in the Middle East. In the Pax Americana period, the US strengthened the role of a global police officer, and its funding increased the US public debt to $ 19,455 billion in 2016.

Trump did not only prove to be a good diagnostician but he also designed an ambitious therapy program. With the slogan MAGA – Make America Great Again, he wanted to emphasize that the US needs a radical turn in order to restore its former glory. After the election, he began to implement it. The half-time of the presidential mandate is a time for stocktaking. The realistic estimate of the first two years of presidency, given all the circumstances, cannot be bad. Those who predicted that, as a result of Trump’s personal shortages, the world would be derailed off its tracks, were wrong. Nothing like that happened. Trump has not managed to make the United States great again but he put it on the path of healing. Even the Washington Post, highly reluctant of Trump, recently had to admit that his consistency in keeping his pre-election promises was above-average.

I have the greatest concerns in regard to his foreign policy. It is true that the Trump administration stopped abetting the Islamic State, thereby ensuring the success of the Russian military intervention in Syria. However, the US did not carry out a structural turnaround in foreign policy. The US military is still in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. The latter also experienced the consequences of the so-called Tomahawk missile diplomacy several times. Luckily, they proved to be ‘operetta’ attacks that did not provoke an outbreak of a direct conflict with Russia. Before the elections, Trump announced the improvement of relations with Russia in 2016, but they remained the worst since the end of the Cold War, due to internal political reasons. With the foreign policy team, symbolized by the archetype of the neo-conservative Republicans, such as National Security Adviser John Bolton and State Secretary Mike Pompeo, it will be considered a success if they do not find themselves in a real war with Russia. The American foreign policy remains an estate of the neo-conservatives, whether the Democrats or the Republicans hold power.

Excellent results can be observed at the economic level. Trump’s tax reform plan was signed into law, a hard approach to foreign trade partners and a consistent pursuit of the America First policy. This led to an economic boom in the US that the Americans do not remember since Ronald Reagan. GDP growth is high, unemployment has declined, and most importantly, lost jobs are coming back. The Americans under Trump live better.

My favorite are Trump’s successes in the fight against the ideological AIDS of the 21st century, the Cultural Marxism. With a close senate majority of the Republicans, Trump succeeded in filling two vacant seats at the Supreme Court. Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, as consistent constitutional originalists, show promise to put an end to the process of American society’s sliding into the abnormality of LGBT. A mercy shot to the multicultural cult in the US would be to set up a wall with Mexico. Without this, I cannot imagine a successful re-election.

Even with all his shortcomings, Trump is, at least for me, the best thing that has happened in American politics in the last thirty years. I hope that this vision is shared by American voters who can confirm the Republican majority in the November elections to the House of Representatives and the Senate. Without this, Trump will not be able to continue the MAGA project, the completion of which would finally mean the return to normality, that is why Trump 2020 is necessary!


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