The story of how the left announces a coup d’état in broad daylight and under everyone’s nose, yet the dominant media find it not only democratic, but are also actively involved in the conspiracy themselves

Jože Biščak

The reporting of the mainstream media was expected, and the conspiracy of the four opposition parties (LMŠ, SD, Levice and SAB), planning to take over the power with a “neutral” economist Jože P. Damijan, was portrayed as something fabulous. It is as if we were right after the elections, in which Marjan Šarec, Tanja Fajon, Luka Mesec and Alenka Bratušek won a comfortable majority, or that Prime Minister Janez Janša has resigned and a new coalition is being formed. But there is nothing fabulous about the intention of the left-wing quartet. The current government is firmly in the saddle, so the matter should simply be called by its real name – preparations for a “soft” coup d’état.


This has happened before. In this millennium, the left parties have not yet won elections fairly and the power of the right-wing has already been overthrown twice with a soft coup d’état. The first time in 2008, when the SDS victory was too strong and Kučan’s “big bang” occurred with the fictional Patria affair and the second time in 2013 with a fabricated report by Goran Klemenčič, the president of the KPK. Coalition member Gregor Virant also joined the conspirators at the time, stabbing the right-wing government in the back with the sharpest and longest knife, and as a reward winning lucrative consulting contracts in the Balkans. But the first two coups d’état are different from the one being planned today.

If in 2008 and 2013 directors and screenwriters planned a soft coup d’état behind the scenes, almost behind heavy curtains in a stuffy room, the deep state today feels strong enough to announce it publicly with a press conference. The conspirators are no longer hiding, they are allowed to use any means necessary while the mainstream media portrays them as “saviours”. Janez Janša formed his third government in a completely democratic and legal way. After Marjan Šarec resigned and stated that he could no longer work and cooperate with his coalition partners, the SDS began preparations for the formation of a centre-right coalition. And even before the new government was formed, the deep state had already begun to roam, organising protests and sabotaging the measures implemented in order to contain COVID-19. And at the height of the second wave, when the health of citizens is seriously threatened, the deep state comes up with a coup d’état plan. Moreover, it made it clear that it is counting on the help and support of the SMC, Desus and NSi (SDS coalition partners), otherwise the mainstream media, which is in 95% controlled by the left, will continue to prosecute them. There is no clearer sign that a coup d’état is being announced. It no longer matters what this coalition did or did not, the deep state is disturbed by the fact that exists at all. This is especially true for the existence of the SDS and Janez Janša.

The hatred of one man in Slovenia can only be measured by the hatred of the progressives towards Donald Trump or Viktor Orban. It is a very intense phenomenon of the leftist subversive abominations. By plundering the emotions of citizens and daily bombardment in the media, they condemn not only the SDS and its president, but every one of their voters. With the inscriptions “Death to the act of supporting Janša,” they made this clear. Sowing this rat culture shows that they have no ideas of their own at all, no winning strategy in elections. They intimidate anyone who stands on their way. That is why they are dragging everyone into a cesspit, and in order to achieve their goal, they are ready to sacrifice the whole country – the homeland that we on the right love very much.

The deep state has given an infamous role to the dominant media, which label every move and decision, every move of this government, especially Janez Janša, as a sign of authoritarianism. In reality, however, with every letter they write or every word they utter on air, they send democracy and freedom into the darkest corner, where they are slowly dying. If you read their reports or news well, you will surely notice that they operate on high-octane hate production plants. And with that, a normal person certainly cannot sympathise. Their goal are not early elections, they desire to take over the power by coup d’état. They are avoiding elections as if they were afraid of the voters. It is unbelievable that they are not demanding elections, but the government. The disgust of this intention cannot be more at odds with the democratic practices (at the principle level) of a free society. But as long the deep state is still funded by public money (yes, that is what it is all about), things will not change. As soon as the deep state is cut off, it will not be able to survive. Although it does well behind the scenes, it will become nothing overnight without constant injections of funds. And with it the mainstream media. But believe me, no one will be disadvantaged because of this, we just will not have to listen to the evil snoring anymore.

What has happened today – a clear intention to take over the power at any cost (and let it cost as much as will) – is not a political debate, but a coup d’état plan. This is a direct challenge to all of us who still care about parliamentary democracy, which has clearly defined procedures for taking over the government. And among these procedures, there is certainly no procedure describing what the deep state is attempting to do with its soldiers represented by the presidents of LMŠ, SD, Levica and SAB (the opposition parties) and Jože Damijan and Stojan Petrič, who appears in the story as the coordinator directing the media. And the lies of the latter with the intention of promoting a coup is participation in the conspiracy. The speed of the spread of media manipulations, incitements and untruths, which have nothing to do with the real situation, shows that they are not driven by naivety or ignorance, but by pure malice and hatred.

The only question that remains is how long will we, the good people, be calmly watching this rampage of the deep state and the corrupt media landscape. The game of the left and its arrogance are getting dangerous.

Yes, this is the story of how the left announces a coup d’état in broad daylight and under everyone’s nose, and the dominant media find this not only democratic, but are also actively involved in the conspiracy. Because such a forecast is supposed to be transparent. And so we got a new concept: a transparent coup d’état. Democratic and free-spirited!? For crying out loud! At a time when the whole world is fighting against COVID-19 and the second wave of infections is much worse than we would like, the Slovenian left is planning to take power with a soft coup d’état. It’s a betrayal non plus ultra.