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Jože Biščak: The End of European Men

The first story goes like this: “It happened on a public bus in Sweden. A Swede man screams at a black woman sitting down: ‘Get out of here!’ The woman gets up, scared, and retreats. The man swears at her: ‘Damned black woman.’ ” The leftists would undoubtedly say this is racism and call for a public lynch of the autochthonous Swedish man. The second story goes like this: “It happened on a public bus. The black man screams at the white woman sitting down: ‘Get out of here!’ The woman gets up, scared, and retreats. The local swears at her: ‘Damn you, Swedish woman.’ ” The leftist would ignore it or they would merely comment that this is a completely normal response of a person with emotional problems living in a land of white people. These white people are pushing him to the outskirts of society, so he has problems with socialization in the new environment. They would say that in the country he comes from, the cultural habits are just such that men sit and women stand on the buses and that is a fact. So, we must have full understanding for people who behave like this in Europe.

Can you guess which story is real and which one is invented? The story that really happened is the second one: the black man cursing at the old lady who had to abandon her seat on the bus. There is evidence for this story. A video (HERE) appeared on the Facebook social network, of a black migrant who wanted the seat on the bus where an old white lady was sitting.

This true story did not appear in the mainstream media, the video was not rotated on the most watched newscasts, the experts were not invited to comment on it, the incident did not make the headlines of newspapers, and the social scientists remained silent, since the issue did not fit into their concepts of progressivism and multiculturalism.

Several days ago, they did literally go crazy, however, when a very similar video appeared. Only this time it was filmed on a plane and the role of “attacker” and “victim” were switched (HERE). The “victim” was an older black female and the “attacker” was an older white male. Apparently, in the words of Dr Barbara Rajgelj, a kind of contemporary inquisitor of everything that smells of conservatism and an “investigator” of white hostility, this man belongs to a group of people “who have everything, as all the white, healthy, well-placed older men do, but they think they deserve more”. Because of this stereotype, they are guilty in advance.

So, the incident on the plane went like this. The 70-year-old white man said to a 77-year-old black woman to move to another seat. When she answered something, he shouted: “Do not talk to me in a foreign language, you stupid, ugly cow!” The mainstream media immediately reported that the man insulted the woman only because she was black. The man was immediately marked as a racist. You may have noticed that this video was rotated on mainstream TV in the most watched hours, for several days in a row.

It is also interesting how passengers responded to both events. On the plane, a young man tried to calm down the offender, for which he earned the approval of the passengers and the sympathy of the people on social networks. What about the bus incident, when the black guy attacked the white woman? The elderly white lady withdrew to the first part of the bus with the help of a young woman, but there was no hero that would confront the violent black man. It is incredible how cultural Marxism, this meta-political struggle of the academic and political elites that favor multiculturalism, put the fear in the hearts of the European men, who have forgotten that they must be just and defend their women. Lana Lokteff, the global icon of the Alt-Right movement, an outspoken woman, said that a real man would have defended the older woman on the bus decisively (as the white man on the plane has, in defense of the black woman) and that a real man would have thrown the offender out of the bus.

This is what Lokteff has to say about the predatory migrants and European men: “These people are risking their lives to come to the countries that the European men have built for us. We, the women, must also be prepared to fight. (…) Have the mass migrations of non-Europeans make Sweden perhaps safer and gave it better opportunities? The answer is a big – NO. We suggest an easy solution: the European countries are for Europeans. If you do not like us, go back.” In her opinion, the problem is that the European man has been completely softened, political correctness has made him decadent, he no longer sees his (biological) role. In the old continent today, men dress in rainbow clothes and parade on the streets half-naked. Cultural Marxism completely deprived them of their masculinity and turned them into feminized beta men, standing at railway stations in narrow jeans, carrying signs that say “Refugees Welcome!”. By doing this, they are actually signing up for their own extinction.

Cultural Marxism is prevailing in most European countries today. It has become a kind of state ideology that no one should criticize, otherwise they are immediately labeled as fascists, Nazis, racists, xenophobes, homophobes or Islamophobes. A typical example of this are the two, almost identical cases I mentioned at the beginning, which got two completely opposite treatments in the public eye. The only solution for the old continent is to take the world out of the hands of such revolutionaries. A Reconquista is therefore necessary – firstly perhaps on the personal and spiritual level, then on the cultural and economic level, and ultimately on the political level.


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