The confused “patriotism” of the Slovenian Bolsheviks

Bogdan Sajovic. (Photo: Demokracija)

The Bolsheviks in my dear homeland have been really losing their mind lately.

This year, for various reasons, mainly due to the pandemic, the regular cycle of May madness was canceled and this hit the leftists on the psyche. Some kind of menopause. They are trying to replace the torn hormones, not to mention nerves, by regular cycling around the parliament, but that somehow doesn’t work. Friday’s circulation only adds to their sadness and nervousness. In this restlessness – desperate times call for desperate measures – even the celebration of the creation of the state would come in handy to them, even though it is not their intimate option. But they would bear it if they could show off their beloved bloody star a little, which would somehow bring them some much-needed relief. And then the government hits with something so in Janša style and bans the parade of blood star bearers on National Day. In addition, the government holds a patriotic celebration in which the Slovenian nation and homeland and the war of independence are celebrated. Woe. So what was left for the Bolsheviks to do but organize a spontaneous alternative celebration to show how to handle partisan patriotism and culture.

And so an endless crowd of some three thousand protesters gathered on Prešernov trg. Vigorous patriotism underlined singing in Italian, but the undisputed visual star of the evening and an expression of high culture was the performance of a folk artist who showed off his bare ass and hanging withered anthers on Prešernov trg, which somehow qualifies him for the next award for extraordinary cultural achievements, so to speak, alongside the artist who feeds dogs with her own milk. To be fair, the Bolsheviks did not betray expectations. Their display of cultural patriotism was especially endearing, when they angrily cursed and whistled at members of the Slovenian Army’s honorary company and even labeled them traitors for attending the celebration. I mean, where does this lead if the honorary company performs at the celebration of National Day …