The architects of evil

Jože Biščak

It couldn’t have been more predictable. After George Soros wrote in a column in the New York Times, that Mark Zuckerberg should be stripped of his control over the social networking site Facebook, because otherwise Donald Trump would win again in the US election, followed the disintegration. In Slovenia, for example, Vojko Flegar also joined the prosecution and called for the regulation of social networks in magazine Dnevnik in his article called “Facebook’s freedom of speech is the right to lie”. Although Zuckerberg is known as a supporter of the Left, who has given the sunny side of the Alps the power to “edit” inappropriate content to the faculty of social sciences, the cultivation of Marxist cadres, and the enemy of everything that is on the right and not left, this is clearly not enough.


Quite ordinary people, for the taste of leftist, have taken too literally and in absolute terms “freedom and democracy”, which were the premise of the networks. And when car mechanic Andraz, hairstylist Anja, chef Tone and merchant Mick finally got a chance to say what they think, the left side was horrified to find, that the vast majority on the networks do not agree with their views and that this is not what they are have they imagined to be; that they will interpret events and spread ideas and people will nod and applaud them on networks. That is why last year Bostjan Videmsek, a Delo journalist, was completely desperate and stated for national television that the biggest problem is, that “the interpretation of the world (…) was taken over by a completely uneducated horde”. This was without a doubt one of the most totalitarian statements of the past decade.

And look at what’s happening today. When, after the resignation of Marjan Sarac, opened the possibility of the government of Janez Jansa being formed, the whole machinery of the media mainstream aired up. This time the flag-bearer became the internet portal “Necenzurirano”, which criminalized private Hungarian investors’ investments in private Slovenian media. As if he is to get wind in the sails, Sarac also orchestrated a much orchestrated request of law enforcement agencies, from a position of power to police and this is a special police investigation of opposition media. This was not only a repeated gross abuse of power, but also an attack on free enterprise, free movement of goods and capital, freedom of speech; this was a call to establish a dictatorship.

Clearly, foreign investments are not the problem in this case. If they were, he would problematize all media that have foreign owners. The problem is that these media are ideologically and in value close to the opposition. Even worse, because they are close to the SDS political party and Janez Jansa. They are demonizing him for ten, twenty years and more, just before the election they are sending him to prison; doing everything they can to prevent him succeed. But as time goes on and people share their opinions on social networks, the less chance they have of bringing their hell plan to the end.

The realization that Andraz, Anja, Tone and Mick do not believe them and that they do not share their opinion, for example, on the social networks, they have also something to note, while the support of the largest opposition party has not only fallen in public but it has grown, this is probably quite a heavy blow to their self-love and ego. The ghost already escaped from the bottle and the only temporarily way to be able to bring it back, is with violence. And as they are acting and losing the ground under their feet, I’m really afraid that the worse will happen.

Entropy is their passion, their life’s mission. They don’t even hide it anymore. They even seem to be craving to break down also something small that remains healthy in Slovenian society. In the last few days they have been completely raging, as vampires and vicious rats they are running on everyone they don’t contract. They lie, cheat and manipulate, only to win. If necessary, they will destroy the whole country. For doing that they do not choose the means. Jansa, his supporters, the opposition media and those rare middle-class politicians who are not yet too be scared, must all be destroyed in a Machiavellian way; truth and honor must be damned.
They are the architects of evil.