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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Russian trolls are tireless in confusing pounding

By: Bogdan Sajovic

Ever since Russia launched its robbery campaign against Ukraine, um, a denazification-limited campaign, Russian trolls, both state-professional and amateur, have been pounding overtime on online networks.

Not that they were inactive before the Russian invasion. For years, trolls have been flooding the web with Russian lamentations over some injustices, which are somehow the fault of the West in general and the US in particular, and of course with “warnings” that the Russian bear will now get angry and then in three days he will be in Berlin and a day later at the English Channel. More or less all “Western experts” seem to agree with this, although trolls have always somehow forgotten to mention the names of all these powerful experts. Well, then at the end of February this year, Russian bears and other animals finally went on the offensive and after almost three months in southern and eastern Ukraine remained at a maximum of one hundred kilometres from the invasion, and in the north, they had already lost everything they had conquered in the early days. Far from “three days to Berlin”, which does not bother the trolls. If you read their profound and generally professional explanation, Russia has already achieved what it wanted or it did not go all in, and thus only cleans the old stocks, while it has superweapons in reserve, or the Americans are to blame (but sometimes they are not) because the attack stopped. Western sanctions against Russia are similarly confusing. The former argue that the ugly West wants to starve Russia if it stops buying Russian raw materials, while others argue that Russia is now selling raw materials elsewhere for a better price than before, and the third that Russia is experiencing a real boom under sanctions. At the same time, they are screaming that Western bastards are reluctant to accept Russian proposals to end the war. But why would Russia want to end the war, or is it not experiencing a boom? In fact, the confusing and contradictory pounding of Russian trolls is proof that the Russian robbery campaign has failed, and that the Kremlin is only trying to save himself from failure.

Bogdan Sajovic is a journalist for Demokracija and editor of the portal kulturnimarksizem.si.


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