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Jože Biščak

The issue of abortion can in no way be placed in a single intellectual framework. If we think like that we (might) unknowingly fall into utilitarianism. The matter goes much further, beyond our mind and memory. The birth of a child and passing off genes is one of those things that simply exist and our survival depends on it. Interfering with this miracle of life is resisting all that a person truly is. And is above all what a man became throughout history and on which he had never had any real influence (though many imagined they did). This was neither obtained nor won, but it was given. Changing what humanity owes to God’s hand has never ended well. And if we had to worry about anyone in this regards, we would first have to worry about the innocents. The prime example of innocence is an unborn child. Therefore, it is not for no reason that the inviolability of human life is the most important among fundamental rights and freedoms.


The March of Life, organised last Saturday by ŽIVIM Institute, was an introduction to the Week of Life and represented a hymn to life. Most of the media mainstream deliberately ignored the event and some even marked it as a march against women’s rights. The same media mainstreams had raised the Pride parade just a week prior, demanding equality and LGBT rights. They were full of the word »right« despite that the special rights of individual groups do not exist as fundamental rights and freedoms. A woman will never be the same as a man, transgender people (whatever that means) can change their gender a hundred and one times yet they will always remain what they were conceived into. The only equality that exists is equality before the law. The only existing right in relation to life is the right to life itself. An abortion does not make a women more feminine, nor does it elevate her the right to be a woman. Dehumanisation of an unborn child cannot free anyone from the various forms of human prejudice. If we agree to this, we will fall into a belief that the embryo is merely an object, that is an inhuman object.

Of course, no one is denying LGBT community, feminists, and abortion activists the right to convince people of their ideology. A free man ultimately decides for himself whether to believe them or not. However, the fact that the media mainstream demonizes people who respect (every) life and are convinced that a life begins with conception shows how effective cultural Marxism has been in its long march through institutions. And they have so brutally brainwashed others that reflections on tradition, family, nation, race, homeland, and respect for the unborn child have been banished from public conversations and political debates as systematic and structural forms of discrimination against the “different”. Yes, intersectionality has clearly become a modern-day left-wing religion, it became a tool for banishing “medieval devil” and for imposing their will on others.

Of course no one imagines anyone banning abortion, nor is that something that ŽIVIM Institute strives for (although the left-wing scare with it). Like those who believe in the sanctity of life, they want to inform pregnant women who are considering abortion, that abortion is not the only solution. They are trying to achieve this with different actions as well as prayers. This certainly is not putting pressure or intimidating women, as the progressives say. They are clearly afraid that a nice and encouraging word would convince an insecure pregnant woman to give birth. The For Life movement is probably one of the greatest successes in the field of human rights and freedoms in the 21st century. This is also reflected in the declining number of abortions performed. It is quite possible that this violence will end on its own in the next few decades without a ban and in a peaceful way. This obviously bothers the proponents of the culture of death who measure the extent of women’s rights by the number of abortions performed. Namely, they would lose their weapons for the artificially created dilemma with which they ignite their agenda.

The revolutionary and self-proclaimed progressive left-wing has always sought to abolish the old and the traditional, claiming that it is a matter of reaction and it is therefore necessary to “liberate” a man (by all means) from authority. Unlike conservatives who are committed to nurturing heritage. And a part of this heritage is respect for life. We would not survive without it.