»Racist« Newton’s apple

Jože Biščak

The University of Cape Town is notorious for student uprisings. Surprisingly, these are more common after the abolition of apartheid, as future “intellectuals” are disturbed by every little thing. They have meetings more often than they study, and the occurrence in 2016, when riots broke out that became known as the “Shackville protests and activism,” is not surprising.


An aspiring black student said at one of the many activist sessions, which are recorded and circulated on social media, that current science needs to be re-done. She argued that science is a concept of the white people and as such racist. She mentioned Isaac Newton and how gravity is a Western fiction. When one of the audience members suggested that black magic – which is still widely practiced in the old continent – is fiction, she replied: “Look, such a response is exactly the reason why I’m not majoring in sciences”. Although we learned that a young girl is not exactly familiar with mathematics and physics, we can still claim with certaainity that a ripe banana or coconut in Africa does not fall upwards, but, like Newton’s apple, vertically downwards.

It’s hard to believe a student doesn’t know this. If she truly believed in the spells of tribal sorcerers, she would make a “scientific” experiment to test them. She would jump out of the window on the fourth floor of the reading room and observe what would happen: whether she would fly or crash to the sidewalk. It seems she is actually upset about the fact that all the laws of mathematics and physics are named after white people and that almost all laws have been discovered or written by Europeans.

The latter are not to be blamed for their success; nature ensured they evolved in a certain way. The environment in Europe is much harsher than the warm climate of the Black Continent. To feed and sustain themselves from generation to generation, ancestors of modern Europeans had to think hard and invent. On the other hand, that was not necessary in Africa, where all one had to do to get food was to lie under a tree and wait for the ripe fruit to fall right into one’s lap and run fast to escape dangerous situations. Thus, nature has made people further north more intelligent than the inhabitants of the southern places, to whom “colonized” science has given cars, televisions, air conditioners, smartphones, and medicines. If we kept all this to ourselves and did not share it with others, the world population would be limited to two billion people with Europe being the most populated continent and certainly more indigenous.

Although the above is true and easily provable, it will probably be labeled a racist generalization by empathic righteous and political correctmen. For now, this is enough. “Merely” because Brussels announced an “action plan to combat racism”, which will set out for the next five years measures that the Member States will have to fully implement to avoid punishments. Above all, they will have to “strengthen the legal framework”, mostly in a way to adapt criminal law that will ensure as many (potential) “racists” as possible are locked up. Additionally, this will have to be reported to a Special Coordinator, which is reminiscent of some other times when regional and local communist committees had to report to headquarters how many opponents of the revolution were imprisoned or thrown into caves. If the leaders were not satisfied with the reported number, they reprimanded or replaced the “ineffective” committee.

In Brussels, they will do so in the name of the motto “United in diversity” or “for more diversity (…) in the European Union”. (Although Europe (and with it the European Union) is already very diverse today.) It is a philosophy of “do what I demand while I do what I want”, which will ultimately lead to sheep not only having wool, but five legs as well. And the sheep will have to believe it, otherwise they will quickly end up at a lamb feast. I just hope that the lessons so far on where this leads, have been revealing enough. Otherwise, it will be necessary to not stockpile on toilet paper, but also on reservations at cemeteries.