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Pre-election forbidden bread

Gašper Blažič (Photo: Archive of Demokracija)

By: Gašper Blažič

Yes, that is exactly what is eaten the most. The media (especially Odlazek’s) know this best, especially the ones that were tactful until the evening of the first round and, in the internal match in the transition-leftist camp, quietly hoped that in the second round we would see a clash between Nataša Pirc Musar and Milan Brglez.

Of course, this wet dream did not come true, which also brought sobriety – also for Robert Golob. The last party boss can make mistakes, but he always has the last word. That is why the big “salto mortale” happened: now that the report about the financial octopus of Nataša Pirc Musar, which, by the way, was made in Golob’s “circles”, started to be published by the “false” media, many media gurus had to support the ambitious capitalist lawyer with gritted teeth. And of course, spread the spin that this report was actually written in the “cellar on Trstenjakova Street”. Really cute!

As for NPM, her legal references and moral authority, it should be remembered that in 2011 she heavily fined Demokracija magazine for the publication of correspondence between a judge and a Mladina journalist. Following a complaint from our editors, the Kranj District Court took the matter into their hands and in 2014 confirmed what Pirc Musar decided. However, five years later, the Constitutional Court overturned the verdict of the Kranj court and thus nullified the decision from 2011, which thus also became formally unconstitutional – in mockery of those who now defend the principle of the “rule of law” in the unprincipled coalition gathered around NPM and at the same time they thunder against the “dark forces”.

Among these thunderers is, of course, the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, who is not at all embarrassed that he was spreading the hate virus in St. Urh. Just as he is not embarrassed that he sexually abused a female pharmacist in need of a job search in a special way. NPM applauds him, just as she applauds the striking socio-political workers at RTV Slovenia. President of Slovenia? Are you sure?

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