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Golob’s special task force for the prosecution of “hate speech” will in fact be a task force for the prosecution of free speech

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By: Jože Biščak

If the (unofficial) information that a special group for the prosecution of “hate speech” is being formed within the police is true, this should be a signal for alarm. With such an undefined and elusive term as “hate speech”, which everyone interprets differently, there is a very real danger that the current government would use the group to control political competition and deal with ideological opponents.

Special groups to combat “hate crimes” and “hate speech”, which have even greater powers than the regular police, are not a Slovenian specialty. They exist in several countries under different names and purposes. For example, in Canada they have a special “climate police” that monitors and hunts down climate change doubters, in the Netherlands “hate speech” (against illegal migrants) is prosecuted by an anti-terrorist unit, in Germany a special group within the BND (intelligence service) deals with this, it even controls the politicians of the opposition and patriotic party AfD, and in France, President Emmanuel Macron is also planning a special police force that will deal with individuals who will not unconditionally and uncritically accept postmodernist values.

The target of the activities of all these groups is the right. The left does not worry about being banned or targeted for surveillance. It knows that will never happen; knows that “hate speech” enforcement groups will ensure that the opinions of others are not heard that views different from their own will be treated and prosecuted as “hate speech”; and knows that it would be defeated if the ideological and worldview market were open and free. This is why leftists resort to authoritarianism and repression of dissenters.

Violence has always been part of the left’s ideological struggle. When the right is in power, the left extorts with street violence, where it sends its agitators and guerrillas. When the government changes, it takes over the repressive apparatus and uses it against the right-wing opposition. It passes laws that are perversely used to limit the activities of ideological opponents and suppress freedom of speech. It is worrying that this is openly supported by the globalist Brussels bureaucracy and its high officials, who no longer hide their sympathies for the Woke left and their dismissive and intolerant attitude towards the electoral successes of the right in any country.

The left is increasingly abandoning the representative form of government and is increasingly adopting authoritarianism through the use of violence. Golob’s government is a typical example, as Slovenia is already pushed to the knife’s edge of freedom of thought. Since it is unsuccessful, it must advocate repression in order to be at least ostensibly successful in its intentions. Right-wingers will have to slowly understand (some of us already do) that it is impossible to make compromises with the left, that there is always a trick behind their soft-spoken words and actions. They have absolutely no inclination to convince by argument; they always use force when things do not go smoothly according to their evil plans. Therefore, they do not only want political power and rule, but they also want absolute power, where they will ban and persecute everything that does not conform to their doctrine. Part of this plan is also the creation of a special group to fight against “hate speech”, which will actually be a special group to fight against freedom of speech.

Freedom and democracy never die in darkness. The caravan of darkness always marches into a company in broad daylight and in full view. Everyone knows that tyranny is coming, but everyone just watches, and no one does anything. Have we on the right really become so apathetic that we no longer have a reason to live freely and fight for it, or will we be able to reject the imposed reality and show courage? Jumping off the ship, if we love our country, is definitely out of the question.

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