[Letters – from victory to victory] Bitch revolution

Vinko Vasle

We, the proud successors of the Communists, find that the revolution is proceeding too slowly. That is why we have called some into the front lines – who right-wingers and home guards would call primitive cadres –  to spread our thoughts, which we cannot yet do ourselves for political reasons. In doing so, we follow the instructions of our great communist and head of udba, Milan Kučan – first disqualification is required, then liquidation, including physical.

One of our limbs is, for example, Janez Stariha, Ljubljana City Councillor, member of the Fighters’ Union, president of ZZB Savsko naselje, determined fighter for redress of injustices of the spring of 1945.  He tirelessly writes and emphasizes that those whose proud successors we are, did not cleanse enough people and that the exercise needs to be repeated. Since warnings to Janša and his supporters to step down from power do not accomplish anything, different methods must be used. In a debate with MP Alenka Jeraj, Stariha reacted decisively to her peaceful note and left Jeraj (who is a supporter of Janša) speechless with an exclamation: “Bitch, be quiet, heel”. The shout is not entirely original, as it was used by the capos in Auschwitz instructing the campers to crawl on the ground like dogs. If they were too slow, they hit them in the head.

The revolution must be nurtured every day, and of course Stariha was only a pre-act for our future genius Prime Minister Jože P. Damijan, who called the former Minister of Agriculture and Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandra Pivec a whore. This is also a continuation of the practice and policy of Marjan Šarec, who also knew how to deal with those who were not to his liking. He wanted to shoot his Minister of Health, Aleš Šebedr, and even personally strangled his PR representative for a while, but later changed his mind. But, in the coming revolution, it will not be as easy to just change one’s mind if we want to be in power. Therefore, it is necessary to inform Šarec that in the future he will have to strangle someone all the way in order to justify the name Strangler from Šmarca.

In the struggle for power all means are justified

These actions of our proud successors of the Communists also include pounding on the tables in democratic Parliament, which Matjaž Nemec masters. Not to mention the action of  a leftist Violeta Tomić, who destroyed a parliamentary bench. But this is just the beginning, next time it will be necessary to beat the enemy and, if necessary, throw him out of our democratic Parliament. With this purpose, we convene Parliament, where we will demand that Janez Janša and his government are not allowed to do anything. It is kind of similar to when Marjan Šarec was Prime Minister and nothing was done, but this time Janša is not allowed to do anything. This measure would be half way to removing this government from power, which we are doing successfully. Right-wingers and home guard say that we do not have 46 votes yet, but we will have them. As proof, the proud successors of the Communists cite our success in preventing the election of a new constitutional judge by threatening coalition MPs. That is why we are now preparing an even more appropriate liquidation threat to the SMC and Desus MPs to give us their votes, otherwise…

In the fight against Janez Janša and the coalition, we engaged the so-called cultural milieu, led by a painter Jasna Kozar, whose works are heavily charged with ideology and politics, as she portrays Janša as the dictator. The old woman thus took over the primacy, which was thus far portrayed by our great “Slovenian Piccaso” Arjan Pregl. But we also need Pregl – not as a painter, because opinions about his painting abilities are very divided even between us, the proud successors of the Communists, not to mention that the Home Guard believes that Hitler was a better painter. Communists do not know much about painting, but we want socialist realism, to which Pregl, with his frogs, or whatever they are, merely approaches. We will also physically defend “we are all Kadunci” our RTV, and we will defend Metelkova with weapons.

Miss Špela Grošelj, who is not afraid of the virus, also entered the category of “People’s Prof. Doctor”.  Although it has not yet been completely proven scientifically, it is said that COVID-19 does not tolerate silicone.