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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Left wing absurdities

By: Dr. Vinko Gorenak

Sometimes I wonder if all is well with our far-left politicians and their supporters. Their actions often indicate a lack of common sense. Not only that, it is also about hypocrisy, double standards, lying, stupidity, political blindness, voter tension, and more. Let me substantiate my introductory sentences.

Let me repeat at this point something I wrote almost a decade ago. This was the time of the second Janša government, when we also froze teachers’ salaries due to the economic and financial crisis. Their union organised demonstrations at the time, and I could see my classmate, still a teacher at the time, in the front rows. She was just incredibly loud, she screamed and if I stood close to her I could probably see her shoe size through her wide open mouth. This was followed by the government of Alenka Bratušek, which also reduced teachers’ salaries. There were no teacher protests at the time. I called my classmate and asked her why they were not protesting and yelling. Her response surprised me so much that I was speechless for a few moments. She replied: “You know, they reduced salaries in a humane way”. Of course you guessed it, my classmate is an extreme leftist, her peasant mind is something unattainable and incomprehensible to her, all that matters to her is that she supports extreme leftists and their governments.

Let’s take a look at some more current examples

The first example – Uroš Jauševec

It is an example of extreme left wing extremism, hypocrisy and double standards. Uroš Jauševec is not only an extreme leftist, he is a prominent member of Tanja Fajon’s SD, who was the general secretary of SD in 2009 and already at the time when Pahor had not yet formed the government he walked around with an USB on which he had a list of individuals that will replace. Well that also happened later. I do not know Jauševac personally, I only “meet” him on twitter. We had this dialogue a few days ago. Someone wrote what you see below about Tanja Fajon.

“Barren bitch, when will you give birth, are you waiting for blacks or Albanians.”

Uroš Jauševec responded to this as follows:

“@UrosJausevec Ripe for report.”

Since I do not tolerate such common and low-key records, no matter who they relate, I choose to answer. I replied as follows:

“@drVinkoGorenak Responding to @UrosJausevec This is ripe not only for reporting but also for sentencing. And what is the difference between us? I am able to condemn such things, even if they happen to @tfajon. Such things must not happen to anyone. Are you capable of such a conviction in the case of @JJansaSDS? Think about it.”

There was no answer for more than two days, so I repeated the question as follows:

“Replying to @UrosJausevec Are you able to answer my question?”

You guessed it, there was no answer even in this case. From this I can conclude that Uroš Jauševec, a prominent member of the SD, is an extreme leftist, a hypocrite and a person with double standards.

The second example – KUL signing an agreement on post-election cooperation

The KUL coalition (SD, LMŠ, Levica, and SAB) solemnly signed an agreement on post-election cooperation today. This happened right on the platform in front of the parliament. In my previous post, I said that this agreement is worth less than a roll of toilet paper. Today, I can only add that it is about extreme leftism, an attempt to scam voters, hypocrisy, double standards, lying, stupidity, political blindness, and more.

Since I wrote about this a few days ago, I can only confirm today. There is nothing new on that signed sheet of paper called the agreement, except perhaps that they no longer preclude post-election cooperation with other parties. At the same time, it is clear that they have signed a worthless paper on cooperation after the elections, which have not yet been called, and it is not at all clear whether everyone will come to parliament, much less what their post-election proceeds will be. The thing is similar to a hypothetical situation, imagine that tomorrow the SDS, NSI, SMC, SNS and more sign an agreement on post-election cooperation and the formation of a government outside the parliamentary parties in the same place. Well, how? Even on this political side, it is not clear who will come to parliament at all and what the total post-election proceeds will be. Can you imagine what the far left media would do? Today, the left wing agreement is being glorified, but if it were hypothetically signed on the right, they would be making fun of it. And why do not the mentioned parties sign such an agreement? Because they are dominated by common sense and not hypocrisy, double standards, lying, stupidity, political blindness, and more.

The third example – Trbovlje

In the middle of writing this article, my attention was drawn to media reports that in front of the workers’ home in Trbovlje, about 500 people are protesting against the government, and a government meeting with mayors and businessmen of the area is taking place in the building. For a moment, I felt like I did not understand something well, but checking the information confirmed it. What should I call this behaviour, except that it is extreme leftism, stupidity and political blindness, similar to that of my classmate from the introductory part of this post. Why the government visits individual regions. In order to identify, together with mayors and businessmen, those projects in the region in which it can help in one way or another, especially, of course, with financial resources. To put it simply, the government has brought them a substantial pile of money for projects in their environment that will only benefit them, and 500 people are protesting against it. Could there be anything more stupid and absurd? Answer it for yourself.

Dr Vinko Gorenak is a State Secretary in the PV Cabinet, a former MP and Minister of the Interior, a university professor and a member of the SDS.


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