Information Commissioner as a selective judge

Petra Janša (foto: Demokracija)

The fact that the Information Commissioner decides whether the verdict in the Stephan case should be public is, to put it mildly, judicial crap. Selective judiciary is the cancer of our beloved country. Judgments thus selected are sent to regime journalists by order of the deep state before being received by the parties to the proceedings.


The trial in the Stephan case itself was open to the public with certain exclusions of it. Let us remind you. Ali Hamzah Rashid Rashid testified at the main hearing that he came to Slovenia with his family from Austria in April 2016, and after nine months of waiting, in January 2017 he was granted the right to asylum. Before he was granted the right to asylum, he was accommodated in the Asylum Home Vič and around this time, in the summer of 2016, he met dr. Michel Massoud Stephan. He himself attended a gym in Šiška, there were several of them, another Mohamed from Tunisia, who is no longer in Slovenia, and Sherif from Egypt. They spoke Arabic to each other. Stephan, who was there with his girlfriend, approached and asked them if they were Arabs, where they were from, and so they got to know each other. Rashid told Stephan he was from Baghdad, and Stephan said his mother was from there as well. Stephan asked him what he was doing in Iraq and how he came to Slovenia, and Rashid told him that he worked in a special police unit, that he left Iraq with his family due to bad conditions and applied for international protection in Slovenia.

Let us also remind you that before they went to shoot, Rashid also asked Stephan if he had already performed such an operation in Slovenia and Stephan answered that he did not and that it also doesn’t matter that he knows it. The agreement was that Rashid would go abroad the day after the operation and that Stephan would send him the remaining money, 20,000 euros. (…) Asked by Rashid who would protect him after the operation, Stephan told him not to be afraid and that he had people who would be able to protect him in Lebanon as well. And so on.

If the regime media treated the verdict in the Stephan case in the same way as in the Patria case, the Slovenian public would have the opportunity to see where we really live.


Was the reason for the »elimination« of dr. Plavec the fact that Stephan saw him as a key person at the Institute of Chemistry that prevented him from working with the institute?