Guardians of “revolutionary achievements”

Metod Berlec

“There is panic on the left because the government is doing its job well,” said MEP and SDS vice-president Milan Zver in an interview for Demokracija. According to him, the negotiated Brussels funds are a magnet that pulls the left back to the throne. “And it’s not a choice of means.” That is why we are witnessing from the deep state a media pogrom against the government in which national television is in the forefront with its news programme, which has been activist against the government for months.


In doing so, they pay an incredible amount of attention to a so-called Coalition of the Constitutional Arc (KUL), which does not deserve this name in the slightest, as it is made up of opposition parties competing with each other, which will be more left-wing radical. In doing so, they care very little about the Slovene democratic constitution, which was adopted in December 1991, as they are still ideologically and mentally connected with Kardelj’s socialist constitution from 1974, which swore allegiance to “achieved revolutionary achievements”. And even today, they do not want to give up these acquisitions, the privileges and key positions they have acquired in Slovenian society over the decades as a “new class”. Therefore, they are attacking the government with all their cannons, which is facing the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic with great effort, while irresponsibly supporting protesters in recent weeks who violated the Infectious Diseases Act and the ban on public gatherings.

The self-proclaimed “coalition of the constitutional arc” is therefore a coalition of “protection of revolutionary achievements”, as indicated by the names that addressed Jože P. Damijan for a co-called technical mandate holder. Among them are well-known old names such as: Dušan Keber, Rado Bohinc, Jože Mencinger, Rudi Rizman, Slvako Splichal, Ivan Svetlik, Darko Štrajn, Niko Toš, and others who represent a so-called deep state and signed a pamphlet entitled “From Authoritarianism to True Democracy, from Heroic Leadership to Cooperation”. All in all, it is just a transparent show for the naive that can bury us. Literally.