Face of Resistance: Ida-Marie Müller

Jože Biščak, the Editor of Demokracija Magazine (photo: Demokracija)

Ida-Marie Müller is a German teenager. A cute 14-year-old bright-haired girl participated at an evening dedicated to poetry in Speyer. Contrary to other teenagers, who described their encounters with refugees in their poems with orgasmic enthusiasm, Müller harshly criticized the so-called open doors policy, describing the culture arriving to Europe as one of killers and rapists. To the surprise of the organizer, who repeatedly interrupted her performance by switching off the sound system, she gained the greatest applause and should be the winner, according to the rules of the competition. However, she did not win. The organizers disqualified her, labeling her performance as Nazi propaganda; especially because her mother is a politician of the patriotic party Alternative for Germany. The pogrom against patriotic Ida-Marie gained international momentum, Facebook blocked users who shared the video of her appearance, “strangers” covered the Müller family house with graffiti.


We witnessed something similar in the Democracy Magazine and the Nova obzorja publishing house. The activists who, with their reactions, clearly suffer from leftist Tourette’s syndrome have recognized racism, xenophobia, and the spread of hatred in a public tender, for an original Slovenian patriotic fairy tale, issued by the magazine. To support their claims professionally, the mainstream media has called for the help of writers of children’s fairy tales, advocates of the principle of equality, psychologists and professors. They were shocked when they read the call, they said; they warned that something like this should not have happened and gave lectures on the love for their homeland.

Can you believe it, they would teach patriotism: they who deny us the right to restore the lost tradition; they who do not want to doubt the good will of the cultures arriving; they who tell horror stories, like old gossips, about what will happen if (even if for a day) patriots prevail; they who deny Europeans their right to survive; they who invite predatory migrants, so that the blinded European peoples give way to their living space.

Do We Need to Give Our Space to These Invasive Species?

Nobody denies that different societies are differently multicultural in nature. No one denies the fact that single culture societies no longer exist today. No one denies that global trade brings prosperity. The difference between us and them is the views on the “deity” of cultural Marxism and progressive multiculturalism. This modern leftist trademark, based on cultural relativism, is trying to convince us that there is no objective standard for assessing the merits of different cultures and that all cultures are equal. According to their logic, a culture, where the repression and rape of women is something normal, is as good as a culture where women have all the rights and freedoms. According to their logic, a culture where people are stoned to death for committing a crime, is as good as a culture where you serve a sentence in prison. For some of the cultures that inhabit Europe today, infanticide, pedophilia, and other such things are common practices. Giving space to these invasive species on the old continent has led to, as we can observe in Europe today: Sharia courts, no-go zones and double standards for criminal offenses. All of us who warn that Western society cannot survive without the values ​​that made this civilization the most magnificent in the history of humanity, are labeled as racists, xenophobes, Nazis.

We Carry the Tradition and the Desire to Protect Our Generations

We will no longer retreat, nor will we step down even for a millimeter. They can accuse us, denounce us, judge us, condemn us and imprison us. They can even kill us. The crisis of values, caused by the progressives, has triggered our primal instincts, the awareness that we are biological beings, that the genetic record of courageous men and women who have ventured into the unknown and discovered and conquered the world cannot be erased. We have the will to survive, we carry a tradition in ourselves, an immortal kingdom of needs and desires to protect our own generations, to defend our homelands untouched. We will push them back across the line they should never have crossed.

There are more of us every day. And more. And more. And there will be more of us every day to come. We have already set up the watches of our great-grandfathers, who whispered about the future in the old days. The European Superego is coming back. The countdown for the decadent generation has started. Tic-Tac. When the time is up, our wounded heroes will proudly and deservedly step into the shadow of the gods. The future of Europe will begin again.