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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Brglez is Danilo Türk number 2!

By: Gašper Blažič

Do you remember the former president of the republic, Danilo Türk? The Doctor of International Law, who spent a large part of his career in the globalist UN, after his mysterious return to his homeland – remember, his behaviour was to blame because he failed to run for the position of deputy secretary general of the UN – in 2006 he first offered himself for the spring candidate for Ljubljana mayor, until Peter Jambrek intervened and revealed Türk’s scepticism from the time of independence. Then in 2007, he ran for president of the republic with the support of the so-called left-wing trio of the KGB (plus DeSUS), he “feuded” with the then leader of the Fighters’ Union, Janez Stanovnik for the needs of the public, and in the second round, as an almost “new face”, he beat the favourite Lojze Peterle.

Let’s be realistic: this also happened with the help of the so-called right-wing voters (which was, of course, a terrible mistake). However, five years later he became the only president of the republic who ran for another term and lost the fight because of his arrogance.

Apparently, history repeats itself. This time, the “centrist” Milan Brglez is coming to the stage, who after leading the National Assembly, still with the SMC party card at the time, transferred to the SD (he would probably even have gone to the Levica party) and then made his way to the European Parliament together with Tanja Fajon. Now, after the previous failure of Marta Kos, Nataša Pirc Musar, and Ivo Vajgl, he is offering himself as a candidate for SD and the Gibanje Svoboda parties. If Türk spoke of the victims of Huda Jama as a “second-class topic”, Brglez has indulged himself in an even worse excess, since he justified communist crimes with natural law. Now, alongside the “Che Guevara supporter” Miha Kordiš, he is positioning himself as a centrist candidate.

In other words: Brglez is Türk number two. They have nothing in common with academic behaviour (although they both worked as professors) and, of course, a totalitarian mental matrix. The only good thing about all this is that Brglez cannot appear as some kind of “new face”, because he showed his true colours a long time ago. But if the majority of the electorate nevertheless supports Brglez, it will be an extremely tragic testimony to Slovenian political awareness.


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